Sewage Mixes Up with Water at Kharadi Again

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Article courtesy of Anurag Bende | June 10, 2015 | PuneMirror | Shared as educational material

Weeks after PMC claimed to have resolved issue of contaminated water, nighmare returns

Residents of Kharadi’s Borate Vasti, who may have thought that they had seen the last of contaminated water flowing through their pipelines, just learnt how unreliable the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) temporary work can prove to be. As reported by Mirror on May 22, sewage water was getting mixed up with potable water and the civic authorities weren’t able to identify the root cause of the problem. However, they performed temporary repair work, which seemed to have done the trick. But Monday’s heavy downpour ensured the return of the sewage.

“Many of us are suffering health issues since the last few weeks. Many are suffering upset stomachs and are frequently vomiting. We are now using mineral water, but buying it daily is expensive. When this issue first occurred in May, we had to depend on water tankers,” said one of the residents, A Gaikwad.

Following the latest outbreak of sewage seeping into their potable water, the residents visited the office of the PMC’s water department and showed them bottles full of contaminated water. The residents said the water they brought with them was not only looking hazy and dirty, it was also emitting a foul odour. “We collected the water in bottles. It had a yellowish colour and was stinking. When we had earlier complained to the PMC, the staff had carried out some repairs. The problem stopped for a while, but Monday’s rain has ensured that things have worsened again,” said Amol Pawar, another resident of the area.

They say they are disappointed with the civic authorities for their lackadaisical approach in dealing with this issue. “Despite paying taxes, the PMC isn’t providing us with good quality water. Drinking water is a basic human need. But, in a city like Pune, we don’t have this commodity even to wash our utensils. If they can’t provide us basic necessities, why do we pay them taxes?” questioned Rajani Waghmare, a housewife from the area.

Following the complaint, PMC officials visited the area and carried out inspections. Sanjay Borase, an engineer with the civic body’s water department, said, “We inspected the area and found that the water contamination problem was mainly around the Khandoba temple lane. After identifying the location, the drainage chambers were cleaned immediately. The water supply has since improved.”

Borase added, “There is a huge underground network of pipelines due to which it’s extremely difficult to identify the exact location or the cause. However, we are continuing our work and will do so until the problem is resolved completely.”

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