Residents Compelled to Drink Contaminated Water in Varanasi’s Hartirath Colony

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The residents complain that they have been getting sand-mixed water from the tube well for months. (Photo credit: I am in)

Article courtesy of Saiyed Faiz Hasnain | June 11, 2015 | I am in | Shared as educational material

Frustrated by the lack of clean drinking water, the residents of Neemtalla area of Hartirath Colony, Varanasi protested against the government machinery on Thursday.

The mini tube-well which is the main source of drinking water in the colony has been supplying sand-mixed water for months.

Mohammad Yaaseen, a resident of Neemtalla area, says, “This tube well was installed by Jal Nigam 15 years ago. For about four months back, this tube well went out of order and instead of fresh water, we started getting sand-mixed water. We went to the Jal Nigam office at Maidagin and complained about it, but they didn’t pay attention to it. For the last two months, the sand content increased to an extent that it became almost unfilterable. We, then, went to the Jal Nigam’s head office at Bhelupur and lodged a written complaint addressed to the General Manager. We were assured that it will be taken care of, but till now no staff of Jal Nigam has visited here. We are sitting on this protest because we were left with no other choice.”

About 150 families, which means about 600 people, depend on this tube well for drinking water and yet no authority seems concern about it.

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