South Sudan: Severe Water Outages in South Darfur’s Capital

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Article courtesy of AllAfrica | June 10, 2015 | AllAfrica | Shared as educational material

Nyala — People in Nyala are facing severe water outages since more than three weeks, after the pumps broke down at 15 out of the 18 water wells providing drinking water to the million-city.

“The price of a barrel of water on the market has risen from SDG5 ($0.85) to SDG 20 ($3.50),” an angry resident told Radio Dabanga from Nyala.

“The Water Corporation of Nyala locality has already raised the monthly water fees to SDG50 ($8.50), the highest tariff on drinking water in Sudan, under the pretext of improving water services,” he said. “However, the situation has even worsened.”

An official of the Nyala locality’s Water Corporation informed reporters on Tuesday that the current water provision does not exceed five percent of the daily demand, estimated at 45,000 cubic metres.

“The water pumps, operating day and night, became overheated and broke down,” he explained.

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