Duxbury: Town to Lower Fluoride in Drinking Water

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Article courtesy of DAVID CEDRONE | June 23, 2015 | 959watd | Shared as educational material

The town of Duxbury is lowering the amount of fluoride in its drinking water.

The current amount of fluoride in Duxbury’s drinking water is approximately .98 milligrams per liter.

Chair of the Duxbury Board of Health Doctor David Brumley said the town is lowering the amount to .70 milligrams per liter because of state recommendations.

“Some concerns that came up a couple of years ago from some citizens, we took a hard look at the evidence and the fluoride. We decided it would be appropriate to keep it in. We are also aware that the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services was looking at the recommendations around the levels. So we decided when they officially came out with the recommendations to lower that we would follow suit,” said Brumley.

Duxbury started adding fluoride to the towns drinking water in 1987 and Doctor Brumley said according to studies, it does reduce cavities.

“What fluoride does, and this is well documented and supported by the dental association and the heart association, basically what it does is reduce the risk of getting cavities which can be associated with other conditions like heart disease and other problems. So it’s a very significant public health measure in fact the CDC says it’s probably the most effective public health measure in the last fifty years,” said Brumley.

Duxbury will make changes to the amount of fluoride in the town’s drinking water within two weeks.

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