Rs 921.95 Cr Plan for Safe Drinking Water

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Article courtesy of Rohtag | June 26, 2015 | The Statesman | Shared as educational material

The Haryana government has allotted over Rs 921.95 crore for providing safe drinking water to the people in the state.

The total budget of the Public Health Engineering Department is over Rs 2,743.55 crore out of which Rs 1,202 crore comes under plan budget whereas over Rs 1,541.55 crore is non-plan budget, Principal Secretary of the Department, Alok Nigam said on Friday.

Over Rs 921.95 crore has been allotted out of plan budget for undertaking various renovation work in rural and urban areas, he said.

The work on 1,330 schemes is under progress and 441 new schemes have also been included, he said.

Non-plan budget is being allocated for maintenance of drinking water supply and sewerage facility in all Public Health Engineering Divisions, the official noted.

Nigam said that a sum of Rs 589.70 crore has been allocated during the year 2015-16 for various schemes in urban areas out of which over Rs 558.76 crore has already been earmarked for various works.

A sum of Rs 606.80 crore is available for various schemes of rural areas whereas over Rs 361.38 crore have been allotted for various potable drinking water schemes, he said.

The Principal Secretary said that a target has been set to improve drinking water supply in 650 habitations in rural areas during the financial year 2015-16 whereas there is a target of setting up 28 Sewerage Treatment Plants in the entire state.

Nigam said that a target has been set to test 1.26 lakh samples of water through laboratories during this financial year.

Besides, 50,000 samples would be tested through Field Testing Kits, he said.

He added that only two per cent of the samples were found negative.

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