After Pipeline Repairs, Zingabai Takli Residents Get Clean Water

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Article courtesy of | July 12, 2015 | The Times of India | Shared as educational material

NAGPUR: Three days after TOI reported about contamination of water in Zingabai Takli area, the residents have started to get clean water with Orange City Water (OCW) repairing the damages.

An OCW spokesperson said that a standpost public tap was detected as a major source of water contamination in the area. “A special team of OCW officials inspected the area and identified the problem-causing tap from which the residents take water for daily usage. We have disconnected the tap now and also deployed a tanker at the spot to provide water supply to residents,” he said.

TOI had also pointed out that the internal galvanized iron pipe needs to be replaced immediately as well as it gets corroded easily. OCW officials also confirmed that the pipe was rusted and said that they have started the replacement work. “We will be replacing more than 20 connections and the rusted pipes will be replaced by latest pipes made of different material which avoids corrosion. The work will get over in a day or wo,” said an OCW official. He added that OCW has also installed a new pipeline so that there remains no further scope of water contamination.

Chandrashekhar Kawde, a resident of Zingabai Takli, said that the locality received clean water on Saturday. “It did not have any foul smell either. We hope that the new pipeline starts functioning soon as it will solve water supply issues of many houses,” he added.

An NMC official said that there are many areas in the city where there is hardly any gap between main and sewer pipeline. “Ideally, both the pipelines must be on either side of the roads or have a gap of at least two metres. If both the pipelines are close to each other, then chances of water contamination will always be high as sewage water might enter into the main pipeline when it is dry,” he said. He added that the galvanized iron pipelines are most risky as they start rusting the day they are installed. “Such GI pipelines needs to be replaced in many areas so that residents get clean and healthy drinking water,” he added.

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