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WESLACO –Officials with North Alamo Water Supply reported the recent contamination of some wells. They said consumers didn’t receive any of the contaminated water.

Today, the utility released a statement saying that on July 1, two well sites located in Willacy and Hidalgo counties tested positive for E.coli.

The samples were tested routinely and were sampled prior to the filtration and disinfection process at the water plant. The well water is run through a reverse osmosis system and is disinfected with chloramines before entering the distribution system.

Officials said there were no positive samples in the distribution system, so there is no need for an alternate water source. They said the water being provided to customers is safe to use and consume.

North Alamo Water Supply said the issuance of a public notice is a regulation by the EPA and TCEQ and they are required to inform their members of any E. coli positive samples.

Operations manager Robert Rodriguez said they don’t know the source of the contamination. He speculates it could be related to the recent flooding in Hidalgo County.

North Alamo Water Supply Statement 

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