TMC Serves Mall Notice Over Dirty Drinking Water

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Article courtesy of | July 14, 2015 | The Times of India | Shared as educational material

THANE: A well-known mall in the lake city has been slapped with a notice by the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) on Monday after a preliminary test of the drinking water samples collected from the water coolers showed signs of contamination.

The civic authorities collected the water samples from the mall on Saturday following a deluge of complaints by the visitors that they suffered stomach ache, diarrhoea and uneasiness after drinking water at some restaurants operating out of the mall.

”Of the four water samples from the mall that were taken to the laboratory for tests, it has been proved that one of the samples is contaminated. We have slapped a notice on the mall management and ordered them to stop water supply to the drinking fountains till the tanks are cleaned,” deputy municipal commissioner Sandip Malvi told TOI.

The TMC officials said the mall sources its water supply from private water tankers pointing an accusing finger at the source. ”The mall has a daily water requirement of nearly 2 lakh litres, of which the TMC supplies only around 50,000 litres while the rest is sourced from private tankers,” an official said.

The mall management has shut supply to all water coolers and ensured clean water is dispensed after visitors to the mall faced a lot of inconvenience. There are nearly eight drinking water outlets at the mall, all of which were shut during the weekend, leading to massive problems to visitors who had to purchase expensive mineral water.

Speaking to TOI, the mall management refused to acknowledge any complaint of contamination but said the drinking water outlets were shut for routine maintenance. ”The water outlets were shut as there was a routine maintenance work going on. We understand our visitors would have been inconvenienced due to this. We had ensured there was ample supply of packaged water for our customers,” said a mall official.

The incident came to light after a media professional and her family complained of stomach ailments after drinking the at the food court.

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