Drain Overflows Into City’s Water Channel

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Article courtesy of The Times of India | July 13, 2015 | The Times of India | Shared as educational material

GURGAON: Drain water mixed with the Gurgaon water supply (GWS) channel that supplies untreated water to the Basai water treatment plant, when the Badshapur drain started overflowing on Sunday. Badshapur drain, which passes through Dhankot village and carries sewage and rainwater from the city.

The Basai water treatment plant pumps out almost 65 MGD of treated drinking water to the city each day.

HUDA’s superintendent engineer, A K Maken said they received information of the Badshapur drain overflowing into the GWS channel at Dhankot village early morning on Sunday. “We were told of the situation and immediately sent out our team of officials from Gadoli village who were stationed there on standby. It was noticed that the locals from the village had built several illegal culverts across the drain to cross it. These culverts were blocking the flow of the drain, which started overflowing on to nearby farm land. The locals there routed the spilled water towards the GWS channel,” he said.

Maken, however, claimed that the flow of water from the drain into the water channel was only for a short duration of five to 10 minutes.

“Our officials reached the spot just in time to plug the flow of drain water into the water channel. By about 11 am they had also removed five illegal culverts that were obstructing the flow of the drain,” he said.

He informed that two earth movers and 50 workers were pressed into service for the task.

When asked about possible contamination of the water channel, Maken said, “All sewage waste entering the Badshapur drain is treated and rainwater from the city forms a major portion of the discharge. The canal water will anyway be treated properly at the plant before being pumped further for supply.”

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