‘Brown’ Manjeera Water Baffles Citizens

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Article courtesy of TNN | July 15, 2015 | The Times of India | Shared as educational material

HYDERABAD: Aggravating the acute water crisis, denizens are now receiving ‘brown’ Manjeera water, which experts say might have been contaminated with sewage or untreated impurities.

Households in Srinagar Colony, Anand Nagar and neighbouring areas get Manjeera water every alternative day. Residents rued that despite having water purifiers, the water is not fit for drinking.

“The taste of water has been very salty for past few days. Water persists to be brown despite purifying and the colour raises questions about its quality,” said M Srikanth, resident of Steel and Mines Complex, Srinagar Colony.

According to water board records, nearly three lakh of the 8.20 lakh connections in Lingampally, Kukatpally, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Somajiguda and other circles receive Manjeera water.

Water experts claim that the pipelines connecting households in these areas are rusty and leaky. “These pipelines date back to the Nizam era. Since they have been used for five decades now, they are rusty and ridden with leakages. This is the reason behind contamination of water,” said Jeevanand Reddy, an environmentalist, adding that the entire network of pipes must be replaced immediately.

Incidentally, the HMWS&SB is in the process of replacing the age-old water and sewer pipelines in the city. “The mud in the water might be due to digging which is underway to replace these pipelines. The entire network is affected due to this. Clogged sewerage might also be another reason behind the contamination,” said G Rameshwar Rao, director (operations) of HMWS&SB.

While HMWS&SB insists that the network of pipelines in the city carrying Manjeera water is ‘safe’, the ground reality seems far from the claim. “Water contamination may occur either at the source or in the pipelines. Chances of mud entering the source point is less as the city has witnessed scanty rains so far,” said Prasanna Kumar, director of National Green Corps, Telangana.

“It’s highly possible that due to sewerage pipes running parallel to water lines and leakages, contamination may have occurred in some areas,” he added.

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