Pumping Station Shut, City Reeling Under Severe Water Crises

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Article courtesy of The Times Of India | July 24, 2015 | The Times Of India | Shared as educational material

KOLHAPUR: Repair work at the water pumping station at Nagdevwadi on Bhogavati river was extended by one more day and many city areas will be reeling under water cuts till Monday.

Since Saturday evening, areas like wards C and D and some parts of wards A and B as well as nearby suburbs and rural zones faced severe water crisis. Apte Nagar, Shivaji Peth, Papachi Tickti, Uma Talkies, Shukrawar Peth, Bindu Chowk, Lakshmipuri, Gujari, Udyam Nagar and other old city areas will face water cuts.

The KMC reported a sudden surge of sediments in the pumping station, leading to a failure of the pump sets to lift water on Thursday afternoon. KMC officials believe that the water supply will be resumed only from Monday as the repair work and filling of the jack well will take time.

Manish Pawar, the KMC’s chief hydraulic engineer, said, “Around eight lakh litre of water is pumped from the Nagdevwadi station every day. It is then supplied to various high-rise tanks situated in the ward areas. The pumps stopped functioning since Thursday. However, since the tanks were already full, water can be supplied to citizens till Saturday morning. We have extended water cuts by two more days as the work is heavy.”

Officials have also undertaken repair works in the Puikhadi water treatment plant owing to complaints from corporators about contaminated water being supplied to the citizens. Partial functioning of Puikhadi plant and complete shutdown of Nagdevwadi station will create water cuts in 80% of the city areas.

“We have arranged for seven water tankers, which will be filled at the Kasba Bawda treatment plant which is still operational. On Friday, very few complaints were registered over the mismanagement of supply of water through tankers. We will increase the strength and frequency of tankers from Saturday,” Pawar said.

The civic body has appealed to citizens not to waste water. They will also prohibit them from using motors to pump water on a large scale to avoid imbalance in the supply caused because of pressure difference. Corporators have been told to communicate with officials of respective ward offices in case of citizens demanding water tankers. Action will also be taken against builders using water tankers for construction work.

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