Assam Bans Another Packaged Drinking Water Brand

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Article courtesy of The Indian Express | August 3, 2015 | The Indian Express | Shared as educational material

The Assam government on Saturday announced imposing a ban on yet another packaged drinking water brand – Spring Drop – after laboratory tests confirmed its chromium content to be much above the maximum permissible limit, official sources said.

The ban was imposed after a repeat test carried out on the particular brand of packaged drinking water, first by the Food Analyst of the Assam government and then by the Referral Food Laboratory at Ghaziabad, both of which confirmed the presence of chromium above the maximum permissible limit. The particular brand is manufactured by a Guwahati-based firm called Golden Beverages.

It was only on Thursday that the Assam government had imposed a ban on the manufacture, distribution, storage and sale of two other products – Annapurna Chili Sauce and Niyor Packaged Drinking Water – after laboratory tests confirmed presence of benzoic acid and fluoride beyond maximum permissible limits in the two products respectively. The ban on all the three products is initially for a period of 30 days, official sources said.

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