Mansfield’s Water Recognized for Taste

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Article courtesy of Dustin L. Dangli| Sept 4, 2015 | Star-Telegram |Shared as Educational Material

Mansfield’s Water Utilities Director Joe Smolinski knows the city’s water is good and now his department has some recognition.

The South Central Membrane Association named the City of Mansfield first runner-up in Best Tasting Water this year.

“We’re impressed,” Smolinski said. “We always felt really good about the product we put out there.

“We know that we have a superior product.”

Smolinski described Mansfield’s water having a “clean” and “clear” taste.

Smolinski attributes the superior taste to the water’s quality and the staff that processes the water.

He said the city is fortunate it gets surface water from sources like Cedar Creek, Benbrook and Richland Chambers reservoirs.

The other part of having great-tasting water is the operators, Smolinski said.

“Our operators make sure it stays as clean and as crisp as possible,” he said.

City Manager Clayton Chandler was happy with the recognition, but joked at a previous city council meeting that there was room to improve.

Mansfield’s honor came from an organization that includes members from Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Participants are asked to bring unrefrigerated water to one of the association’s events, where a panel of judges tastes and scores the entrees.

Smolinski encourages residents to drink tap over bottled water.

“You would be surprised at how well our water stands up against that,” he said.

He said bottled water is just convenience and packaging. He said when the department brings the hydration station to events, people always ask where that water comes from because of its taste and he lets them know it is straight from a nearby fire hydrant.

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