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By Nick Law, Staff Writer for Save The Water™ | September 18, 2015

You’re a tech-savvy person who cares about making the world a better place, and you’ve been doing your part, whether by volunteering your precious time or by donating to your favorite non-profit organizations. Social Giving September is here from September 19 to September 24, so let me tell you about an application called Goodworld.

Goodworld is an app that can be accessed at With Goodworld, you can donate to the nonprofit organizations of your choice through Facebook or Twitter without ever leaving your favorite social media platform.

First, register a free account with Goodworld. Upon setting up your User ID, you may link either or both your Facebook or Twitter accounts to your Goodworld account, choose your payment method, and specify your default donation.

After that, every time you post “#donate” to your chosen nonprofit organization’s Facebook page or you tweet “#donate” while mentioning your nonprofit organization’s Twitter handle, Goodworld will donate your default donation to that organization on your behalf. If you wish to donate a different amount of money, you can specify how much your donation should be. For example, you can post or tweet “#donate $25” to donate $25. Donating online has never been easier!

Save the Water is one of the U.S.-based nonprofit organizations registered with Goodworld. We are dedicated to the development of water science and the promotion of awareness regarding water contamination issues around the world. Like you, we seek to make the world a better place by ensuring everyone has access to safe and clean water. This Social Giving September, we’re inviting you to give alongside us. Post on our Facebook page or send a tweet our way, and together, let us all do our best to heal the world.


Want to Donate?
Please contact us for gifts in kind - Mail your check to: P.O. Box 545934, Surfside, Fl 33154