Water Conservation Efforts Connected to Low Chlorine Levels?

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Article courtesy of Caroline Flores| Sept 10, 2015 | KRIS TV |Shared as Educational Material

A local woman outside watering the trees and plants. Photo Credit: Kristv.com

CORPUS CHRISTI – The advisory was issued because of low chlorine levels in our water supply. So what led to that drop in the first place? It could have to do with your conservation efforts.

Marilyn Mueller has been taking care of the garden at the Garden Senior center off Greely for the past 8 years. Ever since the city put water restrictions on them. she says her garden has suffered.

“It’s been quite a few years since we’ve been able to really water whenever we wanted to. And once a week… that just doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t help you out at all,” said Mueller.

Now that the restrictions have been temporarily lifted, she is taking full advantage of it.

Restrictions were lifted because the city believes our outstanding conservation efforts could be one of the reasons behind the low chlorine levels.

“One could be that the water is not moving through the lines as quickly as in the past because we are under a state of conservation,” said City of Corpus Christi Communications Director Kim Womack.

The city says during the summer months chlorine levels tend to drop off because of the heat.

Over the past year the city has been urging residents to conserve as much water as possible. Now that the city’s tune has changed, many people are more than happy to help the city push water down the line.

“Green! Green things. They actually are growing,” said Mueller excited about being able to water every day.

The more people using water the quicker the disinfectant will travel through the lines. The city hopes to be able to lift the boil notices by the end of the week.



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