Arsenic Poisoning In Drinking Water: Huge Public-Health Problem – OpEd

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(Photo credit: Dr. Gursharan Singh Kainth)

Article courtesy of Dr. Gursharan Singh Kainth| September 14, 2015 | Eurasia Review |Shared as Educational Material

Arsenic is a potent carcinogen and is known to cause cancer of the skin, lung, kidney, bladder, and liver. Arsenic (As) poisoning from drinking water has been called the worst natural disaster in the history of mankind. Naturally occurring arsenic in private wells threatens people in many US states and parts of Canada. According to the World Health Organization drinking arsenic-rich water over a long period results in various health hazards. Arsenic is the biggest public-health problem for water in the United States—it’s the most toxic thing we drink — yet for some reason, we pay far less attention to it than we do to lesser problems. Read more about it here:

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