Residents Encouraged to Stay Out of Sewage-Tainted Floodwaters

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Holly Street sits flooded after heavy rainfall Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015 in Summerville. (Photo Credit: Paul Zoeller/Staff)

Article courtesy of Melissa Boughton | Oct 4, 2015 | The Post and Courier | Shared as educational material

Several communities across the area are reporting sewage problems, which means the ponds outside aren’t just full of rain and saltwater.

“Do not wade or allow your children to play in the storm water,” a release from Dorchester County states. “The water has a great deal of bacteria that is hazardous to your health.”

A sewer line reportedly broke at Bacons Bridge Road and Crestwood Drive in Summerville, which means the water in that area is mixed with sewage.

The Isle of Palms Water and Sewer Commission is also reporting bacterial contamination of the floodwater at Waterway Boulevard and 41st Avenue and are urging people to avoid the area.

Kiawah Island Utility asked that its residents limit discharges into the sewer to flushing waste and avoid discretionary use such as laundry and extended showers.

North Charleston and Sullivan’s Island Water & Sewer Department also reported similar issues Saturday.

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