City Installs Backflow Devices to Prevent Future Water Contamination

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City crews are making progress installing backflow preventers in the Bluff. (Photo credit:

Article courtesy of Caroline Flores| November 4, 2015 | | Shared as educational material

CORPUS CHRISTI – City crews are making progress installing backflow preventers in Flour Bluff. Those devices are being installed in homes with wells to prevent an E-Coli scare like the one we had a couple of months ago.

The city began installing the devices last week. They are installing them at 112 homes in Flour Bluff that have a water well. The city believes the water lines at these homes cause a potential risk of cross contamination with city water lines. One woman who had a backflow preventer installed in her home recently is happy with the city’s efforts.

“If it keeps the water clean and we don’t have E-Coli anymore than I’m happy it’s there,” said Flour Bluff resident Cathy Barfield.

Some say while it’s a nice effort, they don’t think it will work.

“A lot of these people have their own water wells that the city don’t know about. They shouldn’t be tied into the city, but if they are you know how they gonna know?” said Flour Bluff resident Jessie Hale.

The city hopes the devices will prevent the city from having another major water contamination like in July. But the installation of the backflow preventers could take up to a year. So far the city has only installed 8. Each instillation can take up to 5 hours.

Right now home owners are not being charged for installation of back flow preventers, but that could change. The City Council is expected to discuss the installation costs at a future meeting.

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