How Long Will it Take to Kill the Froth at Bellandur Lake?

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Article courtesy of Vicky Nanjappa | December 14, 2015 | One India | Shared as educational material

The froth refuses to die and it is nothing but living hell for those living around the Bellandur lake. The government of Karnataka has roped in various agencies and the Bruhat Bengaluru Municipal Corporation states that it is doing all that it can to restore some normalcy.

Examining the current scenario, it appears as though the residents and those motorists who pass by the lake every day will have to live this problem at least for another 4 to 5 years.

However, this comes with a major clause and the contamination of the water has to completely stop and all measures such as construction of sewage plants and treatment of water flowing into the lake have to be undertaken.

The immediate solution

According to Vijay Bhaskar the chairperson of the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board of the BWSSB, there are a host of measures being undertaken to keep under check the formation of froth both in the Bellandur and Varthur lakes. The BWSSB estimates the flow of 800 million litres of sewage into both these lakes everyday.

The BWSSB has now undertaken a host of measures to stem the problem which includes the construction of a sewage treatment plant , to treat all the water flowing into the lakes.

On the other hand the BBMP has undertaken spraying while a mesh is also being put up to stem the problem. The BDA too has joined the action and will construct a ramp so that the flow of the water is gentle into the lake.

Action plan by students

Students have now joined the campaign to create an awareness regarding the problem at the Bellandur lake. A few days back final year BSc students of the Mount Carmel college Sanjana Chevalam, Asprit Kaur, Namgay Choden, Manasi Anand and Anamitra Chatterjee along with several others marched marched from Hotel Novotel, Central Mall to the lake.

This march was taken out to create awareness about the issue. The students are also planning now on developing a model in their college lab based on the research they have conducted. The findings and a subsequent proposal would be handed over to the BWSSB.

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