Peconic River Has Contaminants because of Wastewater, Suffolk County Health Department Warns

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(Photo credit: Paul Squire file phot0)

Paul Squire | December 15, 2015 | Riverhead News-Review | Shared as educational material

In Suffolk County, New York, after a sample showed inadequate treatment of wastewater and coliform bacteria that exceeded the sewer district’s permit requirement was dumped into Peconic River, the Riverhead sewage district superintendent Michael Reichel said, “ We’re throwing everything at it that we have.” The public was warned to stay out of the river, to clean immediately after water contact, and to seek medical attention for certain symptoms. The plant is undergoing an upgrade. During the upgrade, one of the two vats must do all the work, putting a strain on the vat’s capacity to break down the sewage. The town’s tests did not show any violations. Read more here:

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