Bengaluru May Need to be Evacuated in 10 Years if Water Consumption Continues to Outpace Replenishment

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(Photo Credit: Bhatkallys)

Article courtesy of Bhatkallys | Jan 2, 2015 | Bhatkallys | Shared as educational material

“If the current rate of groundwater utilisation continues, there will be a major crisis by 2025 when people may have to be evacuated,” warned a study by former additional chief secretary of Karnataka V Balasubramanian of Bengaluru, India. Consumption outpaces replenishment of groundwater by threefold. As a consequence, water tables are lowering due to population increases. Borewells are drying up. New residents in apartment complexes rely on borewell but have no way of knowing how long the water will last. Read more here:

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