Sulphuric Acid Spill from Cargo Train in Queensland Australia Prompts Water Contamination Fear

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Sulphuric acid

All of the train’s 26 carriageswagons overturned at the Quarrells site, 20km east of Julia Creek, on Sunday. (Photo credit: The Guardian)

The Guardian Shared as educational material

In north-west Queensland, Australia, a toxic cargo train overturned, upending all of its 26 wagons. The train was carrying sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid is highly corrosive. Of the 819,000 litres the train was carrying, 31,500 litres leaked. Emergency crews had a hard time trying to access the sit immediately after the spill because of rain and mud. But they worked to gain access from a different point. Local landowners feared water contamination. An official stated that floodwaters made the train hard to assess. Read more here:

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