Human-Made Rubbish, Sewage, Plastics, Microplastics, Water Pollution Kills

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A seal entangled in discarded netting and fishing gear and if not rescued, will die of suffocation. (Photo credit: The Clipperton Project.)

Article courtesy of Sylvia D’Alton| Jan 17, 2016 | South Coast Herald | Shared as educational material

Human-made rubbish and pollutants are killing countless animals and marine life and spreading disease. An estimated 5 million people die every year from drinking contaminated water. Human waste (sewage) plagues many marine environments that are near regions with little or no sewage treatment plants. Plastics and microplastics are also huge problems. Their persistence pollutes oceans and other water bodies. Read more here:

Bangladesh, where much of the world’s clothing and goods are manufactured. When flooding occurs this all washes out to sea. Picture credit Foundation for Deep Ecology.

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