Hybrid Filter Membrane is Cost-Effective and Highly Efficient in Removing Heavy Metal Ions

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The contaminated water (colored water in vials) is drawn through the hybrid membrane by negative pressure; the heavy metal ions (red spheres) bind to the protein fibers in the process. The filtered water is of drinking quality.
(Photo Credit: Bolisetty & Mezzenga, Nature Nanotechnology, 2016)

Article courtesy of Zurich, Switzerland | Jan 25, 2016 | Nanotechnology Now | Shared as educational material

Professor Mezzenga and researcher Bolisetty invented a highly efficient, cost-effective hybrid filter membrane that removes heavy metals and radioactive substances, such as uranium, from water. At the core of the filtration system are two low cost materials, whey protein fibres and activated charcoal. Heavy metal ions are removed from water in a single pass through this membrane. “The project is one of the most important things I might have ever done,” says Mezzenga. Other, current filtration methods only remove some metals but not others, leave radioactive substances, or are too costly. Read more here: http://www.nanotech-now.com/news.cgi?story_id=52892

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