Triple Ethanol, as Urged by Lobbyists, Would Mean More Toxic Water Pollution

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Article courtesy of Emily Cassidy, Research Analyst | Jan 19, 2016 | ewg | Shared as educational material

Lobbyists urge Congress to triple the ethanol content American fuel makers put into gasoline from E10 to E30. But that would increase carbon emissions, toxic pollutants in drinking water, toxic algae blooms, and water bills for Midwesterners. In 2007, Congress passed legislation to include ethanol in gasoline as a way to make the United States independent of foreign oil. After nearly ten years, it is clear that the increased production of corn for ethanol has many harms, including polluting drinking water. For example, high concentrations of nitrates in drinking water, one side effect of production, has been linked to cancer and blue baby syndrome, a condition that restricts a baby’s blood capacity to carry oxygen. Read more here:

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