Was Flint River Water Good Enough to Drink?

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Experts say Flint River water didn’t cause the lead problem. The incorrect treatment of the water did. (Photo Credit: Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press)

Article courtesy of John Wisely | Jan 30, 2016 | Detroit Free Press | Shared as educational material

Although residents observed boil notices after coliform bacteria was found in water from the Flint River and a pediatrician showed elevated lead levels in children’s blood, the problem was not Flint River. Professor Edward, who helped expose the health risks in Flint, said that he “didn’t see anything that proper treatment couldn’t render potable.” The problem was that the treatment plant was not equipped for providing the additional treatment needed for Flint River water, which has a higher chloride concencentration than Lake Huron water. Many people believe that the Flint River itself does not pose a health risk. Read more here: http://on.freep.com/1OXWeQK

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