Swimming in a Pool, Pool Water Treatment is a Contaminant

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Empty swimming pool at end of season with orange and green leaves on Autumn trees in background. Photo Credit: wanderluster/Signature/iStock

Article courtesy of Dr. Joseph Cotruvo | February 1, 2016 | Water Technology Online | Shared as educational material

Swimming pools and spas can expose people to contaminants that cause illness. While there are treatments for pool water, the treatments do not prevent all risks for all people. The health risk issues between indoor and outdoor pools differ. The main contaminant risks are disease-causing microorganisms, and organic and inorganic chemical disinfectant byproducts.Bird droppings, algae, dirt, leaves, and rain surface runoff can contaminate outdoor pools. The major contaminants of health are human perspiration, surface skin/dirt contamination, urine, and fecal matter. Read more here: https://www.watertechonline.com/contaminant-of-the-month-swimming-pool-water-treatment/

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