Londonderry, Northern Ireland City Has Toxic Waste Polluting River That Supplies Drinking Water

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Water from the toxic lake has allegedly flowed into the River Faughan. (Photo Credit: Belfast Telegraph)

Article courtesy of Donna Deeney | Feb 02, 2016 | Belfast Telegraph | Shared as educational material

The biggest illegal dump in Europe threatens the drinking water of Londonderry, a city in Northern Ireland. The River Faughan serves as a drinking water source for Derry. In 2014,the head of waste management at the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency, Mark Livingstone, warned that heavy rain in the winter could be disastrous for human health. In Campsie, 1.5 million litres of contaminated fluid have been removed from a toxic lake that flows into the River Faughan. Officials have not taken action to begin a public inquiry into how the toxic dumping lasted for years without abatement. Read more here:

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