Environmentalist Doubts State’s Plan For Solving Water Pollution In Kewaunee County

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Article courtesy of Chuck Quirmbach | Jan 27, 2016 | wpr | Shared as educational material

A clean water activist in Kewaunee County said he questions Gov. Scott Walker’s promises to solve water pollution problems there and supports a legal challenge to the state on environmental records.

The governor said the state will come up with a science-based solution to the ground and surface water contamination that critics said is mainly coming from large farms known as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Lynn Utesch of the group Kewaunee Cares said there’s already plenty of science showing many wells are severely polluted.

“I think the state of Wisconsin has fallen far short of what it can actually accomplish here in a very short time period, and with minimal amount of taxpayer dollars,” he said.

Utesch said mainly big farmers just have to go back to some older conservation practices.

He said it would help if the state Department of Natural Resources made it easier to get access to some CAFO records. So, Utesch supports a complaint filed by Midwest Environmental Advocates this week contending the DNR has been too slow complying with three sets of open records requests.

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