Freshwater Beach Illnesses: Bacterial and Viral Water Quality Assessment for Swimmers

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Article courtesy of Jason W. Marion, Cheonghoon Lee, Chang Soo Lee, Qiuhong Wang, Stanley Lemeshow, Timothy J. Buckley, Linda J. Saif, Jiyoung Lee | November 19, 2014 | PLOS | Shared as educational material

At freshwater beaches, swimmers suffer gastrointestinal illness from recreational waters impacted by fecal contamination. But few epidemiologic studies have examined the risk for swimming-related illnesses based on simultaneous exposure at freshwater beaches. This study produced evidence that a measure of recreational water quality that looks simultaneously at bacterial and viral densities, especially human adenovirus (HAdV), might better predict disease risk compared to a measure of one agent in a freshwater beach environment that is probably affected by nonpoint source human fecal contamination. Read more here:

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