An Approach of Pharmaco-Signature in Water Systems to Assess Risk

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Article courtesy of Jheng Jie Jiang, Chon Lin Lee, Meng Der Fang, Kenneth G. Boyd, Stuart W. Gibb | April 15, 2015 | PLOS | Shared as educational material

This paper introduced a concept called “Pharmaco-signature,” which is an approach to potential source contributions of emerging contaminants (ECs). The Pharmaco-signature methodology is based on multivariate data analysis of potential source contributions of ECs detected in 26 river water samples during dry and wet seasons. The analysis of data points was by unsupervised pattern recognition (hierarchical cluster analysis, HCA) and receptor model (principal component analysis-multiple linear regression, PCA-MLR). Some pharmaceuticals were potentially high risk to aquatic organisms around Taiwan. Read more here:

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