Filamentous Fungi in Drinking Water, Particularly in Relation to Biofilm Formation

Posted in: Water Contamination
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Article courtesy of  Virgínia M. Siqueira, Helena M. B. Oliveira, Cledir Santos, R. Russell M. Paterson1, Norma B. Gusmão, Nelson Lima | Feburary 9, 2011|| Shared as educational material

The presence of filamentous fungi in drinking water has become an area worthy of investigation with various studies now being published. The problems associated with fungi include blockage of water pipes, organoleptic deterioration, pathogenic fungi, and mycotoxins. Fungal biofilm formation is a less developed field of study. This paper updates the topic and introduces novel methods on fungal biofilm analysis, particularly from work based in Brazil. Further recommendations for standard methodology are provided. To read more, go here:

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