Well-Water Consumption and Parkinson’s Disease in Rural California

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Article courtesy of  Nicole M. Gatto, Myles Cockburn, Jeff Bronstein, Angelika D. Manthripragada, Beate Ritz | July 31, 2009| ScienceOPEN.com| Shared as educational material

A recent study was done to see whether or not exposure to pesticide-contaminated well water could increase the risks of getting Parkinson’s Disease. After examining 6 pesticides and 26 chemicals, scientists found that those who consistently consumed contaminated water were at an 70-90% increase in relative risk of Parkinson’s Disease. This study was the first of its kind and adds evidence that well water contaminated with pesticides could play a role in developing Parkinson’s Disease. Read more online: http://bit.ly/2xCmn76


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