Durban Water and Sanitation For Poor Sets Global Standard

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City water authorities have supplied tens of thousands of people living in Durban’s settlements with faucet standpipes and water tanks to supply fresh water. Click image to enlarge. (Photo Credit: Keith Schneider / Circle of Blue)

Article courtesy of  | Feb 12, 2016 | circle of blue | Shared as educational material

In Durban, South Africa, the eThekwini (ett-ta-kweeny) Muncipality Water and Sanitation Department (the water and waste management provider) avoided huge and expensive equipment, big pipelines, and the complicated sewage disposal practices of centralized water and sanitation systems. Instead it deploys a decentralized strategy, partnerships, baseline research, and less expensive santiation tools that worked. The centerpiece of Durban’s program for the time being is the “community ablution block” public washroom. It is an ordinary marine cargo container refitted inside with running water in sinks and wash basins, toilets and showers. Durban has 2,500 ablution blocks installed in many of its nearly 500 informal settlements. There is sufficient public funding to fabricate and install perhaps 80 more annually. Read more online:


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