Pathogenic Bacteria Contaminate Water Resources Worldwide

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Article courtesy of  Pramod K Pandey, Philip H Kass, Michelle L Soupir, Sagor Biswas, Vijay P Singh | June 28, 2014 | | Shared as educational material

In water resources, worldwide concern about water quality focuses on water-borne pathogenic bacteria contamination and related diseases. A large number of recent publications underscore the need to combine knowledge from multiple fields about controlling water-borne pathogens in water sources. This review paper tries to provide in one place the first comprehensive single source of existing information for different water sources about pathogen contamination in freshwater, namely rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and groundwater, and saline water, including estuaries and coastal waters. It includes a discussion about the challenges with using indicator organisms. This review paper also discusses possible impacts of water resources development on pathogen contamination and addressing that contamination.

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