Pollution Distorts Fish Organs in Manila Lake

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A man walks among the reef fish cages at a fish farm in Tampakan. (Photo Credit: James Morgan / Panos)

Article courtesy of Lotuslei Dimagiba| Jan 3, 2016 | SciDev.Net | Shared as educational material

Untreated domestic wastewater and untreated industrial wastewater is dumped into Laguna de Bay, the country’s biggest lake. This lake is near Manila in the Philippines. Scientists suspect that pollutants in the untreated wastewater, including xenoestrogen, cause reproductive anomalies in male common carp, including testicular degeneration. In humans, xenoestrogen is linked to early onset of puberty, increased incidence of cancer, and low sperm count. Read more here: http://bit.ly/1L26Pw2

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