ADB Okays $250m Aid for China, $123m Loan for PH Water Projects

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Article courtesy of Tomas S. Noda III | March 22, 2016 | Deal street Asia | Shared as educational material

Asian Development Bank (ADB) has extended a $250-million facility to support China’s drive to treat harmful industrial waste water and sludge generated by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

CT Environmental Group, which will get the assistance, is a pioneer in wastewater and sludge treatment for SMEs in various industrial sectors in China. ADB’s assistance includes a $100-million equivalent ordinary loan and a $150-million equivalent complementary loan in US dollars and yuan, funded by commercial banks, with ADB acting as lender of record.

CT Environmental Group will use the loan funds to build, own, and operate a series of specialized industrial wastewater and sludge treatment plants in designated areas, which will be determined by local governments.

ADB said unlike larger companies that usually have treatment facilities, SMEs need solutions that go beyond traditional municipal wastewater treatment.
ADB signs $123.3m loan for Manila water supply system upgrade

The Philippine-based multilateral bank has approved a $123.3-million loan for a new water tunnel to help modernize Manila’s water supply, reducing the risk of shortages as demand for water rises in tandem with the city’s booming population.

The metropolitan area is deemed highly vulnerable to serious water supply disruptions since existing tunnels of the Angat transmission system, which provides more than 95 per cent of Manila’s water, are about 75 years old and in poor condition.

The assistance will allow the government-owned company Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) to build a fourth tunnel, clearing the way for it to upgrade and modernize its other existing tunnels and aqueducts to maximize and strengthen supplies.

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