P-E-T, Used to Make Plastics Bottles, Pollutes Waterways, But Newly Discovered Bacteria Eat it Up

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Water bottle made of P.E.T. plastic. (Photo Credit: kristv.com)

Article courtesy of Lee Sausley | March 27, 2016 | kristv.com | Shared as educational material

A group of Japanese scientists recently announced the discovery of a new bacteria that eats a certain type of plastic, polyethylene terephthalate also known as P-E-T, that is commonly used around the world. In addition, a researcher at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi has just received a grant to conduct a similar type of study in the Coastal Bend. The Texas A&M researcher, Dr. Turner, hopes this research will eventually help solve the plastics pollution problem. He says, “Maybe down the road we can even industrialize some of those processes, to help us deal with the amount of plastic waste we generate.” Read more: http://www.kristv.com/story/31575768/solving-plastics-pollution

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