Fracking Study Finds Toxins in Wyoming Town’s Groundwater and Raises Broader Concerns

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A hydraulic fracturing drill site is seen here in the Pavillion/Muddy Ridge gas field in Wyoming. A new study has found chemicals associated with fracking operations in the groundwater of the town of Pavillion. The toxins include carcinogens and neurotoxins. (Photo Credit: Pavillion Area Concerned Citizens)

Article courtesy of NEELA BANERJEE | March 29, 2016 | inside climate news | Shared as educational material

Hydraulic fracturing and other oil and gas operations contaminated the groundwater in Pavillion, Wyoming, according to a new study by Stanford University scientists. The findings raise concerns about possible water pollution in other heavily fracked and geologically similar communities in the U.S. West, and the authors recommend further monitoring of groundwater in Pavillion, as well as regulations governing fracking at shallow depths and more extensive cement work on production casings. Read more online:

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