Oil Spill May Have Spread to Keelung; Fish Test ‘Safe’

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A handout photograph released by the Environmental Protection Administration shows workers cleaning up oil from the grounded container ship TS Taipei on the shore of Shimen District in New Taipei City on Wednesday. About 400 workers collected 3,400 liters of oil and two tonnes of garbage from the sea.
(Photo Credit: EPA)

Article courtesy of Chen Wei-han | April 01, 2015 | Taipei Times | Shared as educational material

Oil pollution caused by a grounded ship in New Taipei City’s Shimen District (石門) might have spread to Keelung, while the Fisheries Agency sought to reassure the public that the spill had not affected local aquatic products. Fisheries Agency said that aquatic products from the area are safe. A  number of visitors at local fish markets has dropped significantly following the incident. Judging from the fish catch of Fuji Fishing Harbor in Shimen last month, regional fishery resources remained stable, but the agency has formed a taskforce to assess potential ecological damage caused by the pollution and seek compensation from TS Lines. For more details read here :http://bit.ly/2vRTtwh.

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