Geo-Engineering is a Promising Solution to Phosphorus Pollution in Lakes

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Article courtesy of Elsevier | July 27, 2016 | R&D Magazine | Shared as educational material

Photo Credit: R&D Magazine

Phosphorus contamination has been one of the most serious issues to harm our water. It has been known to cause a number of ecological issues, including toxic algal blooms, a decrease in biodiversity, and an increase in health risks for plants, animals, and humans. As such, phosphorus hurts both the economic and social spheres of cities and villages around the affected water sources. Agricultural practices and industrial effluents are the main suspects for this type of pollution. Even more problematic, eradicating phosphorus from a water source is quite expensive. Widespread geo-engineering is becoming a more popular solution, although, in the past, it has shown mixed results. Read more about phosphorus pollution and its solutions here:

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