Rio Olympics Water Conditions Grow Worse by the Day

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Article courtesy of Warner Todd Huston | May 21st, 2016 | Breitbart | Shared as educational material.

Photo Credit: Brietbart

The water crisis has gotten worse and worse as the days get closer to the Rio Olympics. The waters in which the athletes will have to compete in is terribly polluted and seems unlikely that the conditions will get any better. Are biologist Mario Moscatelli believes that the lagoons and rivers in the Rio area are unfit for the Olympics. He states that the feces of thousands of people enter the waterways without being treated whatsoever. Images coming out of Rio aren’t doing much to help the mood. One showed trash floating out of the city and flowing into the sea.

The pollution problem has already challenged athletes. A recent surfing competition had to be moved from the Rio area since the water there had a horrible odor and color. As such, it was feared that the water could easily impede on the athletes’ ability to do their activity and even harm their health. Last year, in the same surfing event, several of the athletes had become sick after coming into contact with the water. Unfortunately, Rio and the surrounding areas were the only locations in which the athletes could compete as it was one of the only major cities in Brazil.

Of course, when the location of the Olympics was being decided, officials were aware of the pollution problem in Rio. However, at that point in time, Brazil had announced that it would reduce the pollution by eighty percent before the Rio Olympics came around. As recent news stories suggest, Brazil couldn’t deliver. What’s more, even the waters far offshore are heavily polluted.

Some are now beginning to call for the Olympics to be canceled. With the warning that a super-bacteria could be in the water and the already-existing threat of the Zika virus in Rio, the Olympics only gets more dangerous. The U.S. and other nations have begun to send scientists and other experts to study the water conditions of Rio in order to understand more about the situation. Read more about the issues that face the Olympics here.

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