India’s Water Scarcity Issue Rises to New Levels

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Article courtesy of Rakesh Rao | April 30th, 2016 | Business Standard | Shared as educational material

Depleting levels of groundwater and the presence of high levels of pollution in existing water sources have been a problem for India for quite some time now. Unfortunately, the occurrence of two consecutive droughts has made the Indian water scarcity issue rather grave, Even though experts predict that more-than-normal amounts of rainfall will occur, it will not be enough to even begin reversing India’s water scarcity issue. As such, it is necessary for India to take actions such as recycling wastewater and conserve water in creative manners. Many organization, including BASF India Ltd., are looking to get through the crisis by encouraging a variety of solutions to the pollution and scarcity problems that India currently has. In addition to gaining support or innovation in the water sector, BASF is hoping to raise awareness concerning water conservation.

BASF’s goals line up rather well with this year’s World Water Day theme of “Better Water, Better Jobs” as their goal is to increase involvement and activity in the water sector. By doing so, they hope to renew India’s many water sources and hopefully resolve the water scarcity issue. Experts say that as the years go on, the demand in this sector will increase exponentially due to the worsening conditions of water sources all over the world. India is in danger of becoming water scarce by 2025, meaning that it’ll be extremely hard to impossible for a normal family to get water fit for use. More than sixty percent of India’s agriculture and drinking water is dependent upon the currently depleting sources of groundwater. Moreover, the levels of contamination in India’s water sources (surface water) allow for the spread of communicable diseases. As such, it is essential that potential solutions be worked on immediately. Read more about it here:

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