Alley Renewal Program, a Santa Monica Attempt to Solve Runoff Problem

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Article courtesy of David Ganezer | April 11th, 2016 | Santa Monica Observer | Shared as educational material.

Photo Credit: Santa Monica Observer

The City of Santa Monica is attempting to renovate their alleys and roads by adding concrete strips in the middle. The City is engaged in an “Alley Renewal Program” which, over 20 years, will “improve the condition and functionality of 75 of the City’s most worn alleys. These concrete strips make a path for water to travel to the ground. Certain alleys have been targeted for the installation of a pervious concrete gutter. Pervious concrete allows water to percolate down into the ground – reducing stormwater runoff and therefore the amount of pollution flushed into the Santa Monica Bay during and after a rainstorm. Urban runoff is damaging to the environment as the water collects pollutants and litter from City streets en route to the Ocean. Read more about city’s issues here:

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