Britons Strike Back Against Microbead Production

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Article courtesy of Dispatch Staff | April 14th, 2016 | Dispatch Tribunal | Shared as educational material.

Photo Credit: Dispatch Tribunal

Marine pollution has always been a big problem around the world and now, a new element has made the pollutions troubles even worse: microbeads. A recent survey held in Britain suggests that the majority of people in the UK want to ban microbeads, a type of microplastic which is used in cosmetic industry and are finding their way into the marine ecosystem. The survey, which was done by Greenpeace, found that ninety percent of Britons want microbeads to be banned, and eighty-four percent are fine with the idea of it being banned. The survey comes right after the publication of a petition signed by over a quarter of a million people who called for the ban of microbeads. Among the survey, ninety-five percent of sixteen to twenty-four-year-olds states that microbeads should almost certainly be banned. The survey indicates that Britons, in general, feel sentiment towards water pollution. Although nearly seventy percent of the survey respondents didn’t know what microbeads where, when they were told of the potential harms it can cause, the Britons vowed not to use any product that contained such pollutant. Moreover, nearly ninety percent of to respondents said that they would stop buying a microbead producing company’s product unless they stopped doing so. Fifty-one percent, even said they would go to certain limits to ensure so. Read more about it here.

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