Program for Clean Water Act Needs Input, Minnesota Administers the Permitting Program

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Article courtesy of Staff of Dawn Doering | April 7th, 2016 | ABC Newspapers | Shared as educational material.

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In Minnesota, the state administers the Clean Water Act permitting program to clean up water pollution. This program is known as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, which has been around since 1972. For those that don’t know, the Clean Water Act is the federal law in the United States governing water pollution. Large cities were targeted by the NPDES for their runoff from streets, roofs, and other hard surfaces that aren’t from a pipe or “point.” Urban settings are also more prone to pollution than others. Then, Clean Water Act standards needed to be met by smaller cities and other entities that convey stormwater to public waters. The legal designation of these entities is Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, known as MS4s. The hope is that water management becomes better run in the cities in which the program takes place. Read more about the plans and specifics here:

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