South Florida’s Murky Water Management: Who is to Blame?

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Article courtesy of The News-Press Editorial Board | April 27, 2016 | The News-Press | Shared as educational material.

The issue of how to solve the water pollution problem in Florida is getting more complicated as the days go by. Specifically, agricultural lands are affecting water quality as the runoff is filled with nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers. However, this conclusion is not unanimous amongst South Florida’s stakeholders. Some blame the murky water on agricultural runoff, some blame the record rainfall and others state there are no issues with South Florida’s water quality.

With economic, political, and industrial inefficacy, many of Florida’s water systems, including the infamous Lake Okeechobee are far from attaining a solid solution. One overarching cause of this problem is the poor attempt by water storage projects and land acquisition strategies at controlling water flows; so much so that these inadequacies are in part responsible for killing off life in our waterways. We must look to holistic solutions that will conserve existing wetlands and provide sustainable, clean sources of water for Florida’s inhabitants. Read more about it

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