Nutrient Pollution is a Big Problem for American Lakes, including Lake Okeechobee

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Article Courtesy of Brion Blackwelder and Marc Yaggi | August 8th, 2016 | Sun Sentinel | Published as Educational Material

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Florida’s Lake Okeechobee crisis has brought to light the fact that nutrient pollution is a big problem in the United States, especially with its large use of agricultural fertilizers and potential for run-off. Water systems in all fifty states are affected by nutrient pollution, which is known to cause fish kills, algal blooms, illness, and eventual eutrophication. Solutions for nutrient pollution are hard to come by and often are unsuccessful. And while authorities and experts are trying to come with a solution, there is a net economic loss due to the inability to use the water system to its fullest potential. Read more about it here:

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