Glowing Crystals may be the Solution to Water Contamination

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Article courtesy of Glenn Roberts Jr. | November 29th, 2016 | Berkeley Research Lab | Shared as educational material.

Photo Credit: Berkeley Lab

Tiny, glowing crystals created by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab can detect and remove heavy metal toxic contaminants like lead and mercury. These crystals are an emerging, powerful tool for spotting and cleaning the contaminants from the water. The crystals function like miniature, reusable sensors and traps and are known as luminescent metal-organic frameworks, or LMOFs. “We would like to continue with this research,” Jing Li, a chemistry professor at Rutgers University who led the research, says, adding that her team would like to test the system’s performance on actual contaminated water sources if funding becomes available. “These are promising results, but we have a long way to go.” Read more about the rising technology here

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