About Us

Save the Water™ (STW™) is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to solving the world water crisis through excellence in water science research and by forming alliances with organizations, scientists, universities, media, businesses, and governments around the world to promote awareness of water contamination issues.

Water is the most important substance to sustain life; in fact, when we search for extraterrestrial life outside Earth, we search for water as evidence of life. The Industrial Revolution that paved the way for all of our modern comforts and gadgetry was made possible by the use of hazardous chemicals in manufacturing, where water is viewed as a cheap raw material that can be used and discharged at will. This disregard and misuse of this precious resource has brought us to a point that threatens human life and all ecosystems, causing many deaths worldwide.

After working for over 40 years around chemicals and water treatment, Frank Ramos grew aware of the thousands of chemicals that are hiding in our water without identification. He shared his concern with his friend, Alan Fusco, an entrepreneur, who quickly became equally concerned about the magnitude of the problem. Together, they decided to form a new organization, Save the Water™, which was created with a mission that is directly related to finding and eliminating toxins from water – and therefore, a vision of clean, healthy water for all people. This vision ensures that the world’s future generations will enjoy a healthier life, with better socio-economic opportunities.

Much research has been done by Save the Water™ since its initial stages in 1999 and we have developed into an organization with over 100 volunteers working for the same cause. We have diverse knowledge and experience that enables the organization to engage in research, education, crisis response, and global humanitarian projects.

STW™ shares all its water knowledge through its educational programs and resources. Extensive information about us can be found throughout our website, and this Site overview link will guide you through the contents.

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We invite you to learn more about how Save the Water is growing our clean water cause by reviewing our Annual Report 2015.

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